Arm64 architecture support on Linux headless and mopidy plugin.

  • 10 April 2021
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I've changed from spotify to deezer less than one week.
I'm in love with deezer BUT one thing is disapointing me : deezer hasn't mopidy plugin neither linux ubuntu arm64 client.

Like spotify, deezer doesn’t works in linux headless arm64 and hasn’t mopidy plugin. 
I think the best solution is a linux headless client - like some mopidy plugin. And it's mandatory arm64 architecture support. 

So… pliss deezer devs, could you provide us a mopidy plugin (on “deb” package) that works in a Orange Pi Zero 2?
Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Theo da Montanha , this is the Deezer community in Portuguese. To speak to the Deezer community in English, visit this link

I found a topic in the Deezer community about your request, take a look at it, it might help. >